Scrapajama Party
- All Night Crop -
Holiday Inn Express - New Tampa
September 24th - 26th 2010

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Crop Assistants

If you would like to be a crop assistant at our Scrapajama event, please contact us. We ask that you pay a $10 deposit to hold your spot. You will be reimbursed this money after your shift ends the day or evening of the event. The shifts are set up in 4 hour intervals. The crop assistants will be paid $9/hr plus the $10 deposit. If you do not show up for your shift, the $10 deposit will not be refunded. Please contact us for available times.

Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pets will help with class set-up, collect tickets, hand out class kits, and assist the instructor during class. Please check in at the crop registration desk 45 minutes before your shift is to begin. Each shift starts 30 minutes before the class and ends 15 minutes after the class. For being a teacher's pet you will receive a class kit and observe how the project is made for a $5 fee. More information will be provided soon. Please contact us if you are interested in being a Teacher's Pet.

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